CAEH (The Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness) - 'Housing First Teams Approach" #4 of 4 sessions

This program has been split into four sessions - this is the fourth session. Please sign into your account at: Please note: • Last weeks review got everyone on the ‘same page’ to continue into Teams Training. This week will follow the outline (below) and the questions you had in the first session. All agenda items are flexible depending on your needs & questions. • If you did not attend last weeks’ session – you can review the recording of that session on the CAEH website (see log in info below) • Most people will be using speakers and the microphone on their computers/ phones as there are ‘break out’ rooms & discussion. If you don’t have a microphone on your computer – there will be a number on the screen at start up so you can use your phone to call in • If you are joining in a group or team at your agency– let us know at: (unfortunately, they are technically unable to choose specific names/your group for the break out sessions) • If you have troubles with the CAEH website – please contact CAEH: • If you have troubles with the CCBT website – please contact: See you there Katherine Outline for sessions 2,3,4 (flexible & based on your needs and questions) • Meaningful Daily Activity • Case Notes: How and Importance Of • Discharge Planning • Landlord Mediation • Service Brokerage • Mediation Tools • Meeting Tapering and Caseload Acuity Structure • Harm Reduction Planning • Landlord Relations/Residency Mediation • Guest Management • Life Skills Support and Modelling • Peer and Cultural Connection • Assertive Outreach • Home Visits ( a significant amount on this) • Targeted Intervention • Outreach Fundamentals • Confidentiality in a Teams Approach • Teams and Staff Turnover • Approaches to Working with High Acuity Clients in a Team Structure • Establishing Boundaries between Clients and Staff • Organizing Group Scheduling • Team Meetings: o Morning Huddle o Staff Supervision Meeting/Reviewing Caseload for Team Leads o Regular Caseload Review/Team Meeting (the good and bad) o Team Lead Meeting

Schedule - Half Day
October 14, 2020
12:30 PM - 4:30 PM
Quinn Moreike - TTA Housing First Trainer/ CAEH
Available Spaces
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