Moral Distress and Empathic Strain

Session Description:

· An introduction to the concept of moral challenge in health care work, the risks of moral distress and injury, and strategies to approach and address this unique stressor.

· Empathy is a must-have quality for health care workers, but it can be difficult to sustain. This webinar provides an overview of how empathic strain manifests in the caring professions and practical steps that can be taken to keep this occupational stressor at bay.

What you will need:

· To print or have individual access to the handouts which we will use during workshop engagement activities. These will be added to the chat at the beginning of the session.

· Readiness to participate…our workshops are designed to be interactive, and we value your active involvement!

· If possible, please connect a few minutes prior to our start time to ensure everything is working and to complete the sign in sheet to ensure you get your certificate of completion.

· A quiet environment where you can be comfortably focused on the presentation.?The slides will not be shared, and the session will not be recorded to maintain confidentiality.

· Snacks/tea/coffee/water – treat our time together like an in-person training and take time to nourish yourself so you can be fully present.

Schedule - Half Day
October 16, 2024
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Christina Holmes (she/her)
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